Zion Lights

Welcome to Series 2 Episode 3 of Leading in a Climate Changed World by Olivier Mythodrama.

In this episode, it’s a real pleasure to speak to author, activist and spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion UK, Zion Lights.

Zion provides an intense and passionate declaration for the need for immediate action. She talks about how government systems are failing us and how only grassroots action, citizens assemblies and a true democracy where everyone’s voice is heard, can help change the way we are living.

Robin and Zion discuss the lack of true leadership in the corporate and political world, and define the key characteristics needed to drive us forward.

We gain an insight into the leadership within Extinction Rebellion and how an open structure can benefit other organisations.

We hope you enjoy this impassioned and critical discussion. You can find Zion via her website zionlights.co.uk and on twitter under the handle @ziontree

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