Sir Michael Barber

This episode sees Robin talk to Sir Michael Barber Educationist and founder and chairman of Delivery Associates, an advisory firm focussed on working with governments and other organisations to help them deliver improved outcomes for citizens

The focus of this discussion is very much based on leadership from governments around the issue of climate change, starting with the question about why it has taken so long to them to begin to take it seriously.

Robin and Michael focus on influential leadership and discuss what the key levers are to help governments deliver on the promises they have made.

They also talk about the role of civil disobedience and the role it can play, when you look at the effect, historically. Is this the type of renegade leadership we should be encouraging? Do governments see the roles of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg as irritations or motivations?

They discuss the qualities of leaders that we need to balance a sense of urgency, with the space and innovation to create solutions.

They also consider how best to embody hope, rather than despair.
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