Sara Vaughan

In this instalment, Robin talks to Innovator and global brand change maker, Sara Vaughan.

With Sara’s background and influence within some of the world’s biggest companies, the two delve into what it takes for corporations to undertake a transformation which allows their brand to become synonymous with sustainability, from supply chain to workforce satisfaction.

What impact do we have as leaders and how do you consciously define your company’s ethical purpose, if the corporate responsibility is to the shareholders.

As well as the usual look at the characteristics of leadership in a world focused on climate action, we look at how exactly we can engineer the epiphanies needed to kick-start meaningful change.

There are many companies that are beginning to embrace sustainable business and Sara highlights how companies can learn from well-intentioned initiatives, that don’t go to plan.

They discuss female leaders who have inspired and impacted the business environment, and how leaders can amplify the forces which support the transition to better working practices.

Robin and Sara discuss the impact of money and how we lever the economic model towards sustainability, as well as the role of social media and marketing, in the charge for good.

Over to Robin and Sara.

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