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Welcome back to the Leading in a Climate changed world podcast from Olivier Mythodrama. We have returned with a few episodes exploring leadership during the current covid-19 outbreak and the impact that it’s had on the climate crisis discussions.

In our first episode back, we speak to Richard Olivier, Artistic Director of Olivier Mythodrama and Co-founder of Archetypes at Work™.

We find out how Richard began his journey into archetypal psychology and its relevance to leadership and personal development.

Richard introduces us to the ten archetypes that leaders need to develop within themselves to be able to take on the many and varied challenges that face us all in the world of business and outside in our lives. Particularly during the current situation we are all facing here in 2020.

Robin and Richard discuss the climate crisis and what we need to do to leave the old story behind and build a new sustainable way of living.  They discuss how the understanding of the archetypes might support us with the twin challenges of the climate crisis and to steer us through the pandemic, laying the foundations for the new trials we will face within a depleted and fractured economy.

Richard talks about how to activate and rehearse into the archetypes we need to become more complete leaders and what we need to do to ensure we don’t return to the old structures which were harmful and unjustifiable.

We invite you to watch the interview our YouTube channel to see the archetypes in action and resources for your own personal development will be made available on the front page of our website,, including a self assessment and downloadable guide to the gifts of each archetype.

We hope you enjoy this episode and we will release more interview that you know and love, as well as other related leadership development discussions.

Once again, welcome back and don’t forget to share the podcast with anyone you think would enjoy them and you can get in touch with us on

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