Paul Dickinson

In our third podcast, we talk to Paul Dickinson, founder of the CDP formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure project.

The episode begins by discussing where we are with Climate change and whether it’s too late to act. Is there genuinely a time limit to work towards and if so, how do we progress with a sense of urgency, while at the same time, allowing us space to innovate.

Robin asks who holds the power to make a difference and the significance of the corporation as a political unit.

While it’s undeniable that there are organisations with more resource than many countries, are there still limits on what they can do based on their position within different industries? How do these organisations find a way to do things ethically, when profit has always been the primary objective.

Is there such thing as shareholder activism and how could this have a significant effect on deliverables for these corporates?

They examine leadership and present examples of great leaders within existing organisations while questioning how people can be brave in different industries.

They ask how leaders act when they come up against companies and individuals holding back from doing the right thing for the sake of convenience and profit.

Robin and Paul discuss the role of marketing and present examples of where companies have been clever with developing business cases that work for consumers and the planet.

Leadership is a key theme throughout, with a focus on inspiration and moving people to change their habits to be conscious of the environment. How do leaders motivate society to revolutionise global thought and discussion? And why the younger generation is vital in this movement, drawing inspiration from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg.

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