Jonathon Porritt

In this episode, we speak to respected environmentalist and broadcaster, Jonathon Porritt.

We jump straight in by asking who needs to do more and whether there are any countries or corporations taking climate change seriously.

Robin and Jonathan discuss governmental action around the world, and what happens when you are led by an authority that has interests in unethical practices.

They focus on the UK and what our country has done right, and what it needs to do to lead the fight for the future of the planet, as well as the current roadblocks in the way.

Tying in with the Fridays for Future and Global climate strikes, Jonathon discusses civic action and what society can do to enforce change, from small gestures to large-scale involvement.

In terms of business leadership, Robin and Jonathon talk about how companies are better informed but are still missing the mark. What they should aim to achieve how can government intervention can help along the way?

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