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Welcome to Series 2 episode 5 of Leading in a Climate Changed World, a podcast from Olivier Mythodrama. In this episode, Robin talks to Co-Founder & Director of Ecological Defence Integrity and  the global campaign Stop Ecocide.

Jojo explains Stop Ecocide and the campaign’s attempt to create a law to criminalise ecological damage. Corporations and governments lobby for laws to suit the way they operate but often this is at the detriment of the environment.

She discusses the contribution of the great Polly Higgins, who embodied the purpose of the campaign and whose baton has passed onto Jojo and the Stop Ecocide team.

They talk about countries who are engaging with the campaign and where leadership on a global scale, can come from. Is it only the countries that are under threat, who are taking ecocide seriously.

Robin and Jojo discuss service and having a sense of place and purpose and how to become an integral part of the interconnectivity of the planet, as well as the attributes of leadership that are vital to help make sense of our world.

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