Joanna Macy

Welcome to leading in a climate changed world by Olivier Mythodrama.

In our 9th episode, it’s a huge privilege to introduce Joanna Macy. Joanna is an environmental activist, author and scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology.

As Joanna turns 90 years old, with absolutely no intention of slowing down, Robin talks to her about her experiences with climate change over the decades and what has kept her motivation as strong as ever.

Joanna takes us on an inspirational journey, discussing leadership and how it has been represented in the context of environmental issues, and how she feels leaders must act to prevent climate disaster.

She talks about governmental and ecological systems and the reality faced by all of us. What we have to shed, before we move on into a brave new world, while discussing what has moved to her to action, over the years and what has been part of her own evolution.

We hope you enjoy this fascinating insight into one of the most respected voices in the movements for peace, justice, and ecology.

Over to Robin and Joanna.

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2 thoughts on “Joanna Macy”

  1. At 90, Joanna Macy is a powerful and articulate role model of how to face the reality of our situation and imagine a livable future in which life can thrive. In the process, she offers tools to use with others to move toward that future.
    This interview has refreshed my passion and energy for activism as a small participant in the movement to protect our living planet and stop climate change

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