Jayn Sterland

Welcome to the 12th episode of Leading in a Climate Changed World. This episode, we talk to Managing Director of Weleda UK, Jayn Sterland.

Jayn talks about her career and how she found her purpose and switched from an industry with unsustainable practices.  She talks about moving away from the “corporate game” and how to step into a position of leadership with integrity and authenticity, without compromising your values.

Robin and Jayn discuss masculine and feminine leadership traits, and how they are lacking in the world of business.

Jayn uncovers how to come to terms with the fact that we are all part of a system and, using her experience within the fashion and beauty industry, demonstrates simple ways to begin your own, personal revolution .

The theme running throughout, is that of the importance of reconnection. Re-establishing ties with your childhood, your fundamental values and of course, with nature. Jayn talks about how she had to unlearn almost everything she had learnt on a practical level, in order to lead from a position of authenticity.

We would love to hear from you if you are running a business, which focuses on sustainable practice or a community cause dedicated to improving the environment or society in general.

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