Dr Gail Bradbrook

In our second podcast, Senior Associate Robin Alfred talks to co-founder of the socio-political movement, Extinction Rebellion - Dr Gail Bradbrook.

The episode explores leadership in a time of environmental crisis and with an intense need for social change. We move away from the boardroom and explore the ways in which to build a network committed to campaign and reform.

Gail discusses attributes needed as a woman leader, building a system and working community.

They discuss how simply propagating solutions, is not enough to resolve a corrupt economic system and what’s needed to bring about change within a failing structure.

Change is a big topic throughout the episode, where Robin and Gail discuss the process for instigating a forceful uprising through systemic engagement.

They discuss Extinction Rebellion’s role in leading social change and how the demand for revolution, lies with the people.

Important leadership topics include the importance of defining your organisation or network’s vision and purpose, and what needs to be done to get people to follow you.

Plus, what needs to be sacrificed and identifying and dealing with sacrifices you will have to make as an advocate to your principles.

How can we face the possibility of human extinction in our children’s lifetime?

Is it possible to be hopeful within the face of ecological collapse?

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