Dr Scilla Elworthy

This incredible episode, sees Robin talk to Dr Scilla Elworthy, peace builder and founder of the Oxford Research group.

Robin and Scilla discuss leadership around the subject of climate change and emerging examples of leadership from companies such as the CDP and individuals like Al Gore. They talk about the need for increased action and how important the school strikes have been to bring exposure to the topic.

They talk about conscious misinformation and how there are seeds of doubt sewn around studies and what we purport to know. How do we separate what is true and are there are subversive attempts to distract people from legitimate causes?

Scilla talks about different industries shaping the future of sustainable business and how investment companies are moving money into positive commercial enterprises.

She talks about being involved in the initiation of the Elders  with Peter Gabriel, Richard Branson and Nelson Mandela. This organisation brings together a group of eminent leaders to offer a collective influence to support the shared interest of humanitarian subjects, like climate change, healthcare and global equality.

Scilla describes how leaders don’t have to be good orators and how the presence and integrity of Greta Thunberg is reminiscent of Mandela.

Robin and Scilla discuss the ‘job description’ of a leader who can have a positive impact on a deeper level, within their organisation and beyond.

Enjoy the podcast, over to Robin and Scilla.

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