Dr Raj Thamotheram

In this episode, Robin speaks to Dr Raj Thamotheram, founder and chair of Preventable Surprises, a London based 'think-do'​ tank that seeks to drive behaviour change within the investment sector.

The episode features an in-depth conversation about climate consciousness within the finance and investment sectors, showing the force behind sustainability shouldn’t just be about the energy industry.

Raj talks about how governmental policy and finance can be the levers to positive climate action but also why enough is not being done yet.

A large focus of the episode is leadership within the business world and how people do not have to be part of a senior management team or directorship to instigate positive change. They discuss which companies and industries are doing the right thing and offer some helpful advices for becoming a positive maverick in the workplace.

Raj and Robin discuss frankly about coping with the burden of the crisis and where we should be applying pressure to have the most impact.

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