Dr Jem Bendell

Welcome to episode 10 of Leading in a Climate Changed World from Olivier Mythodrama

In this episode, we are lucky to be speaking to Dr Jem Bendell Professor of Sustainability Leadership and author of Deep Adaptation.

Jem starts by summarising climate science within his work in Deep Adaptation and corporate sustainability, in which he explains why different industries are in denial about what’s going on in the world today.

He introduces the 4 R’s needed to motivate change and encourage preparation for a new way of living.

Robin and Jem talk about leadership and discuss how to introduce conversations around climate change, particularly if you are catapulted into a new leadership position.

They discuss the importance of talking to the younger generation and getting the balance of hope and action right.

As a professor of leadership, Jem identifies where he sees direction and influence emerging and how grassroots leadership is beginning to embody the change needed to tackle the climate crisis, as well as recognising the importance of practices available to help leaders

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Over to Robin and Jem…

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