Anna Hughes

In this episode, we speak to author, activist and adventurer, Anna Hughes.

Anna’s experience with campaign in sustainable travel, notably aviation, is the focus of much of the episode.

She talks about her campaign to sign people up to a ‘Flight Free 2020;’ and the difficulties the campaign faces, to overcome the social norms surrounding air travel.

Robin and Anna discuss ways to break the habit of unsustainable practices and how to ensure actions speak louder than words, by finding alternative measures to some of the harmful methods employed in the world of business.

They talk about countries and individuals who are trying to find solutions to help minimise air travel and what needs to be done on a governmental and organisational level.

UK listeners can find out more about Anna’s campaign by visiting and we will put up some more info on the website,

Please get in touch with us if you have any feedback and enjoy the episode…

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