Who We Are

Olivier Mythodrama are an internationally renowned leadership development consultancy.

Our unique approach is based on timeless mythology and the great plays of Shakespeare. These are stories that tap into the fundamentals of what it means to be a leader: inspiring others, wise decision-making and behaving with conviction and integrity.


Why 'Leading in a Climate Changed World'?

From its inception, Olivier Mythodrama was commited to working with people, organisations and causes operating around environmental action.

We recognise the importance of people leading the way towards positive change and feel our experience in helping people develop their own authentic leadership, can inspire them to bring their own skills and dedication to these challenges.

We hope that the messages from our interviews and podcast spur people on. Everyone can make the difference.

Meet the Team

By day, we are commited to our roles in and outside Oliver Mythodrama, but by night... well, still by day actually... we are dedicated to providing resources and bringing you the foremost voices in leadership, to discuss the critical subject of climate change and sustainability.

Richard Olivier

Richard Olivier

Artistic Director

Richard was a leading theatre director for over 10 years and directed Henry V for the opening of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London in 1997. From 1998-2003 he was the Master of Mythodrama at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. He is a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation and Associate Fellow of Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Robin Alfred

Robin Alfred

Podcast Host and Development

Robin is an organisational
consultant, facilitator, trainer and executive coach. He is a registered facilitator for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and was part of the design and facilitation team for the 2013 UN Global Compact in New York.

Simon Bradley

Simon Bradley

Editing and Production

As you may have guessed, Simon's real job is neither an editor or a producer. He is Senior Operations Manager for Olivier Mythodrama but absolutely loves the freedom to work on LCCW and is commited to increasing awareness around the subject of climate change.

Get in touch...

Please get in touch if you have any requests for the Podcast or would like to discuss anything in the realm of Leadership Development, including our Sustainable Leadership programme, based on Shakespeare's Macbeth.