Series 2, Episode 11

Ed Gillespie

Author, Speaker, Futurist

Series 2, Episode 10

Sally Uren

CEO, Forum for the Future

Series 2, Episode 9 

Emma Kemp

Campaigns Manager, Possible.

Series 2, Episode 8 

Professor Nick Robins

Grantham Research Institute

Series 2, Episode 7 

Anna Leidreiter

Director of Climate Energy, World Future Council

Series 2, Episode 6 

Richard Olivier

Artistic Director of Olivier Mythodrama and Co-Founder of Archetypes at Work

Series 2, Episode 5

Jojo Mehta

Founder and Director of Ecocide Law and the Stop Ecocide campaign

Series 2, Episode 4

Thomas Hübl

Spiritual Teacher and Modern Mystic

Series 2, Episode 3

Zion Lights

Activist, Author, Spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion UK

Series 2, Episode 2

Paul Gilding

Environmentalist, Consultant and Author

Series 2, Episode 1

Kosha Joubert

CEO, Global Ecovillage Network

Series 1, Episode 16

Sandy Ibrahim

Author, The Sovereign Woman

Series 1, Episode 15

Mac Macartney

Speaker and Change-maker

Series 1, Episode 14

Anna Hughes

Author and Environmentalist

Series 1, Episode 13

Dr Raj Thamotheram

Founder & Chair, Preventable Surprises

Leading in a Climate Change World

A podcast by Olivier Mythodrama

The issue of climate change has escalated from an ‘important discussion’ to a ‘critical challenge’, with everyone required to do their bit and none more so than those of us in the world of business.

As more people are becoming engaged in the fight for the planet, businesses, employees and investors are making conscious choices based on environmental policies.

Hosted by Senior Programme Director Robin Alfred, Leading in a Climate Changed World, is a new fortnightly podcast from Olivier Mythodrama’s Leadership Lab, that takes a deeper look at the responsibility presented to leaders and organisations around the world.

The series engages discussion with corporate leaders, community activists, social entrepreneurs, educators, politicians and others, to explore the leadership that is required to meet the call of our time.

To be inspired by leaders actively working to save the planet, listen, subscribe and share!

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Hello everybody,

We would like to introduce a new Podcast from Olivier Mythodrama - Archetypal Wisdom. Enjoy more leadership insights beginning with the Wisdom of Shakespeare, with special guest, Sir Mark Rylance.

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Of course, Leading in a Climate Changed World will always be your favourite podcast series but this will come in a close second 🙂


Simon & the LCCW team.